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I decided to go the meet women online route because I was simply tired of the traditional lame approach to dating women.  I’m now the proud owner of my very own beautiful, intelligent Russian bride, named Victoria (Vika in Russian).  We met online of course.  And even though I made some mistakes in the beginning I knew that in the end the approach I used would inevitably succeed.

There’s absolutely no way I could have met let alone won over this beautiful of a woman using the traditional approach to dating. I didn’t have the time, money, looks, ego nor the desire to WomanImetonline Meet Women Online:  How I Met and Attracted This Beautiful Woman approach women traditionally the way I approached them on the internet.

Add up all the pro’s to meeting women online and you’ll wonder why you’re not with the woman of your dreams right now.  But let me give a lot of you some real hope right now…

“If you’ve struggled meeting an attractive woman or any kind of woman for that matter, you are about to find some encouragement here from someone who naively got into meeting women online got taken  advantage of a time or two but came out the other side with a woman that turns heads everywhere we go.

I will unashamedly admit that comparatively speaking I’m not the most attractive guy in the room. And chances are neither are you. But if present yourself in as good a light as possible without stretching the truth you’ll come out way ahead. That’s where meeting a woman online has huge advantages. You can present yourself in the best light possible without sacrificing much time, money, or ego.

Think about it…

When you meet women online you have a better opportunity to:

1. Show the best image of yourself
Even if you have a face that only your mother can appreciate — a quality photo can work miracles.  You don’t have to be handsome with chiseled features.   It can help of course.  But an image of you neatly dressed, smiling and holding a cute puppy or loved one will cover a multitude of sin. Out of all the photos I sent my wife just after I met her online, the one of me holding my 2 year old niece in the back yard made the connection (the other photo that highlighted my manly physique paled in comparison).

2. Prepare a Profile with her in mind
I don’t need to insult your intelligence by detailing this. But if you simply take time to write a profile that an attractive woman might respond to you’re going to get responses.  You don’t need to make up stuff obviously.  But if you can present yourself as you really are in a fun, friendly, or even humorous way without getting the ego involved. You’re going to meet women online who will be interested in knowing more.

My Russian bride is so hot most of my male friends can’t seem to figure out how I pulled it off.  The key is that I made my first letter i.e. profile to get her attention via. the online dating site extremely honest.  While every other 50+ year old baby boomer was touting their wealth, interests, and irresistible virtues via. a letter they stamped and blasted out,  I tailored mine to the each woman I wrote.

I made my presentation memorable by asking about them and their home town and what I liked about it.  I asked about details in their profile, what interested them and their family…and even their pet.

Is that ridiculous or what?  But hold on…

meet women using oreos Meet Women Online:  How I Met and Attracted This Beautiful Woman “Only near the very end of my letter did I mention myself…and believe it or not I would say something that begged a follow up question.  For example I mentioned that one of my struggles is “double stuff” Oreo cookies.   I knew Russians at the time had no clue what an Oreo cookie was.

I know, this is kind of lame to be honest…

But later I found out that she responded to my letter (out of a hundred others) because it was “interesting, lengthy and  funny”, and surprisingly she needed an answer to, “What is this American Oreo cookie?”.   It was all just plain different than the others.

After I Fed Ex’d her a package of Oreos (half her neighborhood all came over to devour it)  I had made a lasting connection.

“You got lucky”, I hear you say…

Yes, I did. I am lucky and I’ll be the first to admit it.  But I sent out about 50 letters like this over the course of 3-4 months.  All of them to beautiful women of course with profiles I felt good about.  I leveraged the law of averages  really.  If you work a little you’ll get lucky too. simple smile Meet Women Online:  How I Met and Attracted This Beautiful Woman

“By the time we met 6 months later in Kiev, my letters had won her over (and more than made up for my unsightly appearance.)  That’s how I knew I’d eventually find the woman who is now my wife.

If I were do do it all over again, I’d sign up for free (via. these links) at Chemistry.com or Anastasia and do pretty much the same.  Feel free to comment below sharing any experiences or insight you might have with meeting women online.

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If you’ve ever wondered where or how to meet Spanish women online then you should find this post rather informative.  I met my wife online and enjoy helping others do the same.  There’s so many benefits and modern technological advances that I believe have all but rendered the traditional approach to dating Spanish women obsolete.

200364733 001 300x199 How and Where to meet Spanish Women OnlineLatinas are beautiful and energetic and if your attracted and would like to meet a beautiful Latino realize that you’re going to first and foremost meet a woman. period.  And many of the same rules that apply to meeting singles here in the U.S. will apply to Spanish women.  Double Your Dating will help with meeting any kind of woman.  If you’re serious, DYD is the best gift you can get yourself.

There’s an art to approaching, meeting and attracting Spanish women online.   First, you need to be memorable.  How? One of the best things you can do is educate yourself about Latin America or whatever country your Spanish bride to be is from.  You want her to know that you not only know but you’re genuinely interested in her culture.  Accidentally mistaking Uruguay with Paraguay may seem harmless to you but she will not forget that.

Spanish women are notoriously helpless when it comes to romance.  The whole cultural tradition is rooted in passion, romance, and emotion.  If you come across like a computer programmer she’s not going to be emotionally stimulated.   I’m a computer programmer so I apologize for all you passionate programmers out there.

If you get the Romance aspect of meeting a Spanish women online that alone will cover a multitude of sin.  Simple rules of romance apply here that include colorful flowers, dancing (if you can’t dance learning a few steps of the Mamba will go a long way towards impressing her).  And finally fine restaurants and a gentleman’s etiquette will complete the romantic package.

If there’s one thing I learned when attracting a Spanish woman online (or any woman for that matter) it is to take some pride in your dating profile without letting your ego get carried away.  If you’ve got a six pack you’re better off exposing that later on.  Your profile photo needs to show off your caring and sensitive side.  Even if you don’t have one, pretend you do.

A photo with your mom, little niece, or cute puppy may sound cheezy but she’ll remember that.

Also, Spanish single women meet men all the time on dating sites that aren’t latin oriented like Chemistry.com.  Many Latin women actually use these household name sites because they think that’s where American men are.  So I recommend them anyway since they have proven systems and support to help you meet the perfect Spanish women of your dreams.  Feel free to add your ‘do follow’ comments below for the benefit of the community.

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